Monopoly first appeared to the public in 1933, during the Great Depression. People then found their way out in a game about money, which gave a sense of richness - although unreal, it was a great consolation. This is also one of the reasons for the success of Monopoly. Since then, it has continued to spread in popularity around the world and become one of the classic board games, available in almost every home in many countries.
  • First Production: 1933
  •  Number of players: 2 - 8
  •  Age: 8+
  •  Time: 60 minutes
  •  Genre: Business - Strategy

The rules of Monopoly are relatively simple, easy to understand, and accessible to many adults and children. The gameplay of this board game has many elements of luck but also creates surprises through the cards of Chance and Qi.

 Monopoly always knows how to reinvent itself through its variations such as Monopoly Deal Card Game, Monopoly Dice Game, and hundreds of Monopoly titles based on famous movies like Lord of The Ring, Star Wars, and Pokemon,...

 The game is calculated, strategic, and highly interactive with the negotiation mechanism, the rules are relatively easy to get used to and easy to remember for new players.

 The design of Monopoly is simple but not boring and quite attractive with tokens representing players of all shapes, from ships, cars, hats, and shoes to dogs and cats along with house models. , hotels, and colorful real estate cards.

 This game is extremely suitable for those of you who like to do business, negotiate or are studying economics-related subjects, calculate and use money reasonably and accurately.

How To Play Monopoly


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