KESS Boardgame
The gameplay of Kess is extremely simple. Each player will be given 10 pieces and arranged on a checkerboard similar to chess. You must use your tactics to attack or defend. The one who gets all of the opponent's pieces first is the winner.

Both Chess and Kess are great board games. Chess is the first and greatest board game ever, with a history dating back thousands of years, even though the name itself is fairly modern. Chess is what can be called a high-voltage game.

Kess is a tactics-driven board game that is simply relaxing and fun to play. Play all by yourself or dominate an opponent in a fun-paced 1-on-1 game. The rules are simple and a complete newbie can get a good grasp in a few minutes. Formulate and unleash new formations to trick your opponent. Carry out bold and new attack patterns. You'll be strategizing in your sleep.

KESS is rife with those thoughtful pauses of exciting and fun rivalry as two players play the game, simultaneously plotting to outwit one another, while you chat and gossip about life. The rules are simple. You can move up or down but not diagonally. You each get 5 moves each time. Your mission is to surround and capture your rival's pieces. The pieces get surrounded and taken out one by one as the match heats up. In under 10 minutes, victory is claimed.

Like all good strategy games, KESS encourages players to utilize sneak attacks and fake-outs in order to take down their opponents. it's all about various perspectives and fun, tactical decision-making. Kids love the ultra-simple rules and colorful board and game pieces. Meanwhile, adults love the hidden depth of the game and the speed with which it moves, and all that without the stress of chess.


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