Katamino is a worldwide famous puzzle game and was nominated for Best Kids Game 2019. To win in Katamino, players assemble pieces to form squares in increasing levels. gradually. With more than 500 challenges, this is truly an indoor game to play forever.
  • Year published: 1935
  • Number of players: 1-2
  • Age: 3+
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Tactics - Interactive - Intellect

Katamino takes less than 1 minute to learn how to play! All rules of the game are accompanied by illustrations. Children who do not yet recognize letters, can easily understand through drawings and discover the game on their own without much guidance from adults.

Katamino's plus point compared to other games is that more than 500 different-level challenges are integrated into one game. Therefore, each time playing Katamino, players can have different ways of playing without duplication. To experience all 500 challenges is both exciting and challenging!

Undeniably, the feeling of winning and overcoming challenges always brings excitement and joy to everyone. But with Katamino, you can get more in return besides fun with your family.

 According to a scientific study, playing with smart toys like Katamino twice a week increases the processing capacity of the brain by 27-32%. Especially for children aged 3 and up, Katamino is a perfect choice to introduce them to geometry and space in the 3D cube challenge. At the same time, the game also helps stimulate imagination and thinking when children have to think in their heads about arranging mino blocks to win.

Katamino Family Puzzle Game Review



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