Our Story

Born in Wisconsin

Kess is a newly invented and patented game. The game was created in beautiful Wisconsin in the American Midwest. But the story goes much much further back..

How it Started

It started years and years and years back in a far away land. It started with a little boy who had no friends. It so happened that the garden had a lot of pebbles of different colors. So he started playing with those pebbles.

Pebbles are Beautiful

The pebbles eventually became a game he played with squares he drew on the porch with chalk.

Time Changes Everything

Then elementary school finished.. and soon it was middle school and high school where you did not want to be seen playing with pebbles anymore.

Some Secrets are Forever

No one ever saw the pebbles or the games.

Like Sand in the Hourglass

Years passed. The world changed. Countries disappeared. New countries appeared.

The New World

The little boy was all grown up now. And grown ups work at responsible jobs.

But Memories Never Die

One day the grownup remembered the pebbles again.

The Second Coming

So picked up his notebook and made a drawing of a pebble.. hmm but you cant have a game where the game pieces just look like pebbles.. He tried out all kinds of things , bottle caps, corks, gummy bears..

Star and Crosses

Finally the stars and crosses were born.

Evolving and Evolving

The playing board changed shape and size around 20 times. The rules changed and rechanged a few hundred times.. grownups make everything so complicated..

The Game Without a Name

Eventually the first game appeared. It did not have a name.

Kess Meets World!

Now our inventor (let us call him that) had no skills at naming things. He called his dog ‘dog’ for lack of a better name. So, he named the game KESS, a mispronunciation of ‘Chess’. Luckily for him the good folks at the trademark office looked at it up and down and said ‘Ok’.

And luckily for him, everyone seemed to like this silly little game.

It is simple, and it is a lot of fun.