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Kess Box Game Set
Kess Board Game
Welcome to the Kess Battlefield

Dominate your opponents in a lightning-paced 1-on-1 board game. The rules are simple and complete newbie can get a good grasp in a few minutes.

Formulate and unleash new formations to trick your opponent. Carry out merciless attack patterns. You'll be strategizing in your sleep.

Best of all - it's all fun.

Perfect for Kids and Adults

Like all good strategy games, KESS encourages players to utilize sneak attacks and fake-outs in order to take down their opponents. it's all about various perspectives and fun, strategic decision-making

Kids love the ultra-simple rules and colorful board and game pieces.

Meanwhile, adults love the hidden depth of the game as it requires players to think outside the box as they balance offense and defense.

How it Works Learn Kess

KESS is rife with those thoughtful pauses of silent, brutal confrontation as two players stare at the game, simultaneously plotting the other's demise.

The pieces get surrounded and taken one by one as the match heats up. In under 10 minutes, victory is claimed.

Beauty in Simplicity

KESS takes less than 10 minutes to learn and no rule book is required. This makes it great for kids and people with short attention spans. You can jump right in and start having fun

The battlefield is a 7x7 grid of squares, so a bit smaller than a chess board.

Kess Board Game

Each player gets 10 pieces, with starting positions as shown in the picture.

What makes KESS different and exciting is that each player gets not one but five moves per turn. This makes for a faster but more tactical game. Think of each turns as executing an onslaught, not a single play.

How do you take an enemy piece? Simply surround it on three sides.

How do you win? Capture all your opponent's pieces. There are hundreds of strategies that could be used and - like chess - millions of ways a game can unfold, so it can be different every single time. This allows for endless skill building and the potential for unexpected surprises.

At every turn, players chart a progressively more distinctive path, and each game evolves into one that has probably never been played before.

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