A Nightmarish Novel about Board Games

The year is 1492, and Cristopher Columbus has just sailed the Ocean Blue. But in the tiny, primitive town of Kessel, Germany, the weakling,club-footed Adolphus von Kessel finally finds the strength to leave his hometown after he is invited to work for the remarkable Doktor Lommel, a well-known physician who works in the large, prosperous town of Wiesbaden.

Leaving behind his rural life, Adolphus becomes a Barber-Surgeon apprentice with Dr. Lommel, and marries Sofia, a pretty and well-adjusted girl who even has a daughter, Hilde. Dr. Lommel, however, has a dark secret: secretly, he has been working on summoning demons with the use of arcane lore, The Doctor summoned the demon Belial, who now demands a sacrifice in order to return to the abyss.

Lommel asks for help from Adolphus, and after careful study, Adolphus creates the Game of Kess to defeat the demon, knowing that the demonic cannot refuse a challenge to any kind of board game, especially one with the qualities of the Game of Kess.

Belial is defeated, but more demons come to challenge all those who dare to open the game of Kess, as soon Adolphus's daughter Hilde finds out when she is challenged by the demon Asmodeus after her husband Joseph creates a replica of the original game created by her father Other demons and other challenges will have to be met by all those foolish enough to try and play the Game of Kess. Are you ready to challenge the demonic forces of the abyss? Read the THE GAME OF KESS ORIGIN STORY by Robin Kaczmarczyk, you will never see Board Games the same way again.