Backgammon is an ancient game with a history of thousands of years but still exists today. In Western countries, Backgammon is a very popular strategy game and is considered a tradition, even some Backgammon tournaments are held in a highly professional manner and attract a large number of participants.
  • Year Published: Medieval times
  • Number of players: 2
  • Age: 8 +
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Tactic

Backgammon is played with 2 players, each with 15 pieces of a particular color, the goal is to bring their pieces back home and then take them out one by one. The first person to get rid of all of his side's pieces wins.

In one round the player rolls both dice and moves the pieces corresponding to the number rolled to the areas marked by the spike. You can choose any piece as long as it meets the conditions allowed in the destination - that is, there must be 1 or fewer of the opponent's pieces in the destination, you can move to any area empty or have your piece there.

The rules of the game are simple but Backgammon still has its charm, that's why this game has stood the test of thousands of years and has stood the test of time. A balance between luck and strategy is essential to success. Backgammon is a tense, dramatic race that keeps players focused and careful in every move. The dice are enough to create an element of surprise that keeps replayability over and over again. Playing time is fast, so each game usually takes place in 3 consecutive games to determine the final result, this rule also helps to reduce the determining factor of luck in the game.

Backgammon is a classic game that no one can deny, it belongs to the genre of "learn in 5 minutes but take a lifetime to master". It is easily accessible to all classes of people from children, young people, and adults to the elderly - all enthusiastically in this mind game.

How To Play Backgammon


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