After being shipwrecked, a group of stranded people is stranded on a deserted island. While the scenery is picturesque, water and food are scarce, and a huge storm is moving toward the island, everyone needs to work together, and put aside all hatred to keep themselves alive.

You and the other players must do everything to survive and find a way to leave while racing against time. You will still have to fight with others and get off the island by building a big raft before the storm hits.
  • Year published: 2017
  • Number of players: 7-10
  • Age: 10 +
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Tactic - Adventure

Each round, players will be able to perform 1 of the following 4 actions:

  • - Get wood to build rafts
  • - Fishing for food
  • - Collect water
  • - Return to the wrecked boat to find useful items in the wreckage.

When first experienced, Hellapagos seems like a team game, where you and other survivors can easily combine to "take each other to hide"... on the island. Although the island doesn't have KFC, and your phone is broken so you can't call Foody to deliver food, there is still enough food and water on the island for you. However, a few fishing trips were bad, no water fell from the sky, the player was bitten by a snake while searching for wood, and the game quickly switched from a group survival game to the "Player Elimination" genre. except for other players”.

Hellapagos is a unique experience. All actions are simple and fast, allowing a game to go at lightning speed even with a higher number of players. And as fate would have it, players will inevitably turn against each other when the food/water runs out.

Sometimes, the gameplay leads to an uneven experience because of the randomness of some actions: the weather will be dry for days, or the fish won't catch any fish. This can make you extremely short of food/water losing a lot of players in a round.

Hellapagos — game preview at Gen Con 50



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