Lords of Waterdeep
In Lords of Waterdeep, each player takes on the role of one of the secret forces, vying for control of the Waterdeep town of Forgotten Realms. In the game, the player will send his "representative" to do the bidding at every turn. These "representatives" will complete tasks such as constructing buildings, recruiting adventurers, collecting quests, and playing cards. The main way to score victory in Lords of Waterdeep is by completing quests.
  • Year published: 2012
  • Number of players: 2-5
  • Age: 12 +
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Tactic - Adventure

At the end of the 8th round, each player will reveal their secret lord card and earn bonus Victory Points based on how many specific types of missions they can complete. The player with the most victory points is the winner and becomes the Lords of Waterdeep.


Lords of Waterdeep is a really easy board game to play. In my opinion, this game is extremely easy to learn and makes sense. Some worker placement board games have extremely complex gameplay, but not so with Lords of Waterdeep. The game rules and instructions are explained in minutes, and even new players will understand what needs to be done after a round of LoW.

The game is easy to play, but to win against the opponent, the player must make plans, arrange actions intelligently and sometimes need a little luck. In the game, buildings built will always benefit the player. However, this will be a "double-edged sword" because, in any building that you do not control, the opponent will take that reward. You will have some tough decisions as you will have to decide if you want to get the bonus adventurer cards or give some of them away to your opponent.

Regarding the components in the game, some components do not work very well, There are too many square blocks, representing people who are also square, this company must be addicted to square blocks. But you also have You can replace your character by buying a more "human" character on Boardgamegeek for a pretty good price, or you can also create your character. 


Lords of Waterdeep is a unique combination of what it has to offer. The game forces the player to make interesting choices, there are many strategies to pursue, and the choice of which action to choose and when is important. When you think too long about a certain action, you will probably be picked up by your opponent. The game is very tight in many ways and filled with tough choices that guarantee that you will enjoy it very much.

How to Play Lords of Waterdeep



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