Azul Game
Launched in 2017, the Azul game by author Michael Kiesling has immediately stormed the board game community around the world. The game has won the best game of the year and received love for its beautiful design, simple but equally sophisticated, and tactical gameplay.
  • Year published: 2017
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Age: 8+
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre : Quiz - Interactive

The game brings a rather new setting: Portugal in the Renaissance. From the decoration and the main colors to the font in the game, we can feel a part of the breath of that period. Referring to the Renaissance, we often think of Europe with its magnificent churches, palaces, colorful dome windows, and splendid ceiling paintings, but few people know about art. Tiled Azulejo. The game not only succeeded in promoting this art form but also through it showed people the unique cultural features as well as the development history of the country and the Portuguese people.

The key factor in the game's competition is in the "unloading bricks" stage from the factory. As time goes on, the number of bricks of 1 color accumulates more and more, and whoever gets it later will suffer heavy losses when not being able to put them in any of the 5 rows. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the number of steps remaining before all tiles are taken. You want to "squeeze" your friend by putting a lot of red for him, but unexpectedly you are the one who has to pick the last - too black for you, just because you missed 1 step.


Azul is much more than its pretty cover. It's a sufficient tactical depth, not too brain-hacking but not easy to eat, highly competitive, and creates a lot of interaction between players - something that not a board game of average complexity can also do.

How to play Azul in 4 Minutes


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