CODENAMES takes the story as a battle between two groups of super-spies code blue and red code. Each group will have a Leader whose task is to guide his team to find the "secret files" that their troops are holding with secret codes.

Codenames Words is the most successful traditional party game of many, it has huge appeal for everyone, including those who have never or rarely played board games. This is a game that offers a lot of great moments.
  • Year published: 2015
  •  Number of players: 2-4
  • Age: 14+
  • Time: 30 minutes
  •  Genre: Interactive - Party

 The players will be divided into 2 teams, in which the leader of each team will give clues and hints to help the members locate their team's correct position among the 25 blue and green squares. red of 2 teams on the table to win. In addition, in the game there are also civilians and assassin cells, if any team chooses to hit the assassin box, that team will lose immediately.

The special feature of the game as well as what makes the game a great success is the simplicity and high interactivity between the players in the game. When playing, you need to brainstorm to think, as well as communicate with teammates to help the team achieve victory. In addition to the match, the game also needs luck. Not only that, everyone can participate in the middle of the game without knowing what happened to the game at the beginning.

 As for the game's art, the game didn't win any awards in terms of design but this isn't necessary because it's not too ugly, nor too beautiful. All designs are simplified to avoid confusion in the game. Since the players can sit in 2 directions facing each other from the board, it is also printed in 2 directions.

I recommend everyone to have this game on my board game shelf, it's no coincidence that this game has won so many awards and nominations. As a student like me, I can easily bring this game to school to play with my friends because it is quite compact and the playing time is very fast. Not only that, there are many English words in the game that help you learn new words as well as help you build rapport with your teammates every time you play, you will learn how your friend thinks. You will find it great when your teammates only say one word but you can understand what they are thinking. As for everything else, I've already mentioned it above. This is a great game!!

Codenames - How To Play


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