BANG the game
Do you like guns and the thumps and boos of the Indians or the clack of horses' hooves on the vast prairies of the far west? Then try Bang! Come on!
  • Year published: 2002
  • Number of players: 1-2
  • Age: 3+
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre : Tactics - Interactive - Intellect

Here, we return to the age of endless gunfights, with the talented sheriff, the sly bandits, and the bad guys hiding behind the curtain, will the sheriff and his loyal aide protect him? keep the town safe, or is this place, once again, occupied and ravaged by evil? All will be in Bang!, where everything is resolved by a gun battle.

In Bang!, each person will take on a different role, and have different tasks. Each is very important and has its own winning goal.

What will you do, hide your identity until the key moment and turn your face? Or openly challenge the sheriff with his abilities? In the far west where the gunfire never stops, what will you do to accomplish your goal?

After all, to play Bang! It's not too difficult, but being a talented marksman is a problem. There are many problems you will encounter in Bang!, the cards have different effects, and the functions are performed in other strange ways.

Getting the hang of it all will take some of your precious time, however, once you're familiar with the gameplay, Bang! There will be a lot of possibilities and situations happening, making no match like any other, which is a big plus point of the game.


There are many interesting things I can say about this game. All in all, it's quite good, engaging, and highly interactive, especially with groups of friends who prefer to sneak rather than play as a team or high strategy, without being too difficult. Highly recommend trying this game if you are new to board games. And if you're used to it already... Let's fight!!

How to play BANG!


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