As merchants in an underground network of exchanges, you and other players, try to transport goods to a place called Manila. But on that trip, everything is not safe, because you can not control the ocean currents, and the bottomless greed of the pirates is always waiting at the end of the road. Don't worry, the courage to take risks will be rewarded with big payouts. Who will be the most successful trader? It's the best of calculations, and dares to take a risk in a fun betting game!
  • Year published: 2005.
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Age: 10 +
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Strategy 

Manila has a rather rare way to play in the world of board games, which is Bet. Simply put, you predict the outcome in advance and bet money on it, expect it to happen as you wish, and make more money; otherwise, you will lose the set amount. But in Manila, this mechanism is used perfectly, when a lot of information is given in each situation.

The goal of this game is to make more money than all other players. There are different ways to earn money. First, you can buy one of four goods: jade, ginseng, cloth, and beans, each of which will give you money corresponding to their value when the game ends. To increase the value of each, the boats carrying them would have to be successfully moved to Manila. And it's been a tough road…

Manila's setting matches its gameplay perfectly and is quite entertaining as well. Beautiful game composition, easy to attract players to join.

Manila is for those who like to bet, like to experience the risk, the feeling of profit or loss. This is a game that gambles on intelligence, and sobriety; a game about intense interaction between players, but lets fate decide. If you're a gamer who wants a lot of strategy and certainty, you won't find it in Manila. But if you need a light, simple game full of unexpected drama, and many sublimated emotions at different levels, Manila is such a game.

Manila Review - with Tom Vasel


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