Connect 4
Connect 4 is the #1 game on the list of best-selling board games on Amazon. The gameplay is simple: the player will drop the pieces in 1 of 7 vertical rows on the board. Each row can hold 6 animals. Whoever gets 4 pieces in a row vertically, horizontally, and diagonally will be the winner.
  •  Year published: 2022
  •  Number of players: 2
  •  Age: 6+
  •  Time: 30 minutes
  •  Genre: Tactics - Interactive

 Instead of playing on paper like checkers, children will drop their cards onto the board. Children will have a larger space to observe and the colorful board will stimulate their interest.

 Connect 4 is not just a board game version of the game of checkers, it can also be played in many different ways. Here are the three most common ways to play Connect 4:

 Option 1: is the most basic way and is similar to playing checkers, players take turns dropping their cards on the board, and whoever gets 4 in a row first (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) wins.

 Method 2: Both players will simultaneously drop their cards into the board but can only use 1 hand.

 Method 3: This is a way to play expanded, high difficulty levels. On your turn, you have the choice of dropping 1 card onto the board or drawing 1 card from the bottom of the board and the goal is to get 4 cards in line first.

How to win at Connect 4 almost every time!


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