Clue Game
The Clue game is a classic case-solving game and has been very popular among families. In this game, the player will move between rooms in a mansion to solve 3 mysteries: who is the killer, what weapon did he use and where did he commit the crime?
  • Year published: 1949
  • Number of players: 2- 5
  • Age: 8 +
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Family - Detective

Game Story: A thrilling and mysterious case takes place at the rose mansion in the middle of the night, the player plays the role of a detective investigating to find out the extremely sophisticated killer who is hiding in the house. Be the fastest to solve the case and win the title of a top detective!

The Clue is a mind game for those who like logical reasoning and patience. After hours of dramatic play, you finally enjoy the explosive joy of solving a puzzle.

At the beginning of the game, all the clue cards are dealt equally to all players, with only 3 being set aside in secret. In Clue, 3 questions need to be clarified to solve the case: Who - Who is the killer? What - What is a weapon? Where - Where did the case take place? These 3 questions correspond to 3 hidden cards that no one knows. Your task is to uncover the 3 hidden cards by asking others investigative questions, thereby using the method of analogy and narrowing the subject of the question.

Clue deserves to be a classic reasoning game, one of the popular games that can be compared with other famous popular games like Monopoly or Risk, Stratego, etc. Logical and wanting to become a detective in a match with other opponents, Clue is a better choice!

How To Play Clue


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