A Feast for Odin
Fans of Norse mythology or people who love European games for their production, economy, and war, cannot ignore this game.

This is one of the most massive and complex works that Z-Man has ever produced. It has the perfect amount of action and game components. The rules of the game are long and detailed with the author making one statement at the beginning, "The main mechanism of the game is very simple, put workers in a box and perform actions in that box." Ignore it!

Year published: 2018

Number of players: 2-4

Age: 14 +

Time: 45 -60 minutes

Genre : Tactics - Interactive

With the gameplay of placing workers that have made the brand of Uwe Rosenberg - the father of the cult Agricola series, this game will surely bring you both familiar and new experiences. It's familiar in that there's still the main board, where a lot of actions are put in separate boxes, and where you put workers, you'll perform actions. So the competitiveness of the game mostly comes from who puts in which box first so that others can't perform the action they need this turn. 

However, the game also has a "Puzzle" mechanism - each person's board or Area Pieces in the game will have an "empty land" made up of adjacent squares, and in the process. the player will try to fill them with puzzle pieces. However, the shape of the puzzle pieces is different, as well as the ground is not the same, so choosing which piece to put together also makes the player have to calculate a lot, and detail every step ( not to mention that the blue pieces of merchandise should not be stacked next to each other, or you will be fined!). On the empty plots, there are also bonus boxes, which the player can only receive if he has covered all the surrounding tiles, so it can be said that the game also shows your ability to "jiggle" how good!


In front of you is a large civilization that is still quite foreign to us, so the game not only brings intense mind battles, but also gives us a clear view of life at that time, and the amazing development, as well as helps us understand why the Nordic civilization flourished so much. 

A Feast for Odin Review - Viking Feng Shui



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