Let's take a look at both

Both Chess and Kess are intellectual games where your logical skills, and thinking abilities comes first and foremost. Both are 'love at first sight' kind of games, you play it once, and you are hooked. A chess game can drag on for hours while a Kess game lasts an average of 10 minutes or even less. But the excitement is the same, regardless of if it is packed into an hour or into 10 minutes of fun.

Both Chess and Kess come under the category of STRATEGY GAMES, Chess is more about strategy than tactics, whereas the fast moving Kess is more about tactics than strategy, Kess is the Colonel's game where he leads from the front and directs the drones and the howitzers, while Chess is the General's game where he sits in his tent far from the battle field and chews on his cigar. Once you play Kess you will understand exactly what I mean.

Chess is a game for someone with limitless patience and time on his or her hands. In the time that you play one game of Chess, you will probably be playing several rounds of Kess.

Kess is definitely for the impatient woman or man, who wants it now, wants to win (or lose) fast, and wants it to be as fun as possible. But both Chess and Kess needs mental sharpness and agility, and this is something both games share.

The speed with which the Kess battle can move will amaze you, and hopefully you are on the winning side, as you pick off the opponent's pieces.

Chess is believed to have its origins in ancient India or Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) , whereas Kess is an American invention, and the name was swiftly accepted as a trademark by the USPTO, and the European Union followed suit. But regardless of where is started, today Chess is the most popular board game in America, with a massive massive following and is for all practical purposes an American game, and so is Kess! Kess given its uniqueness and lack of any peer equivalents can be fully expected to be one of the top games in the world in the near future.

Both Kess and Chess are available as online versions, where you can battle rival players in other countries or you can battle robots with algorithms so fast and furious that can make your head spin.

While Chess being a 2000 year old game and hence not patented, Kess is patented. But both are for everyone to play, and the Wisconsin based startup is reaching out to international partners who want to produce the game under license.