The Game of Life
Game of Life: Adventures Card Game is a game that has many similarities with Monopoly Deal or Sorry! Revenge. This is a game that uses cards as the main engine to proceed with simple rules and is highly interactive for family and friends. The game consists of 110 cards divided into 4 main sections: family, career, fortune, and adventure. Each person collects points by opening a card that they want to use to build their own life story.
  • Year published: 1970
  • Number of players: 2- 5
  • Age: 4 +
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Family - Children

The gameplay of the game is like billionaire chess, players will start with graduating from college, then rely on the game's rotation to decide the number of steps, which means what you will do next or also may be unemployed, the game will continue with the numbers you rotate, the game will end with the victory belonging to the person who owns the most money after retirement.

During each turn, the player must use and discard that card and draw another card. The game ends when 6/8 +10 cards corresponding to 10 years are drawn. The more cards you have in front of you, the more points you earn, and the better your chances of winning. Adventures of Life is the story of your life and it is in your hands. Make your life story bigger and better than other players with the game's cards.

How to play The Game of Life


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