Kess Championship

Are you great at board games? How would you like to win a trip for two to the Maldives Islands?

Kess is excited to announce the first ever Kess All American Championship Tournament provisionally planned for September 2025 at Madison, Wisconsin. The prize for the Winner will be a trip for two to the most beautiful place on earth the Maldive Islands. Kess will pay for flights and accomodation for two, for five days at an island resort in the Maldives Islands, Indian Ocean.

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The Maldives are the most beautiful place on this planet.. Pristine beaches, Saphire blue waters, and the greenest coconut palms have made the Maldives into one of the most sought after destinations on earth.

All you have to do is win the Kess US National Championship. You have an entire year to prepare !! If you have never played Kess before check out any of these tutorials.

How did the KESS STORY start? READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!. There is MORE TO KESS than meets the eye. KESS PHILOSOPHY says it all.

Kess in an unique game it that KESS HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

Kess is like a meditation break. KESS IS A RELAXING GAME, unlike the blood pressure raising intensity of Chess. This makes KESS AN ideal game for schools, hospitals and anywhere a bit of relaxation could go a long way. Unlike other board games this is the perfect, simple game to relax with at the end of a hard day.

Kess is extremely easy to learn, unlike chess. You can LEARN TO PLAY KESS in about 10 minutes, but it will take a lot of practice to get really good at it.

How to Play in the Kess US National championship:

Step 1: Sign up for the Tournament. (scroll down to see the form)

Step 2: If you have not played a lot of Kess before, this would be good time to start, get your own Kess set, they are not expensive.

Step 3: Find someone to play Kess with. Record the game, upload to and tag us on @boardgamesforrelaxation.

Step 4: We will tally your wins. The person with the most documented (pulicly posted video evidence is necessary) of wins in each state will represent that state.

Step 5: The 50 finalists will be invited to Madison Wisconsin for the US National Tournament.

Step 6: The Winner will receive the prize of a FIVE DAY VACATION FOR TWO to the Maldives Islands.

** Terms and Conditions for the KESS US National Championship Tournament

Do playing board games confer you will HEALTH BENEFITS? See what the experts say! Regardless of what anyone says, a simple, relaxing game of any kind with a loved one is likely to be good for your heart and soul, at least as good as the proverbial chicken soup.

My grandparents played Chess, how is KESS ? Read this intriguing article about the similarities between Kess and Chess.

What is the difference between KESS and CHESS? Even though Kess was named in honor of Chess, these two board games are vastly different.

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Kess Us National 2025 Winner will receive as the prize a 5 day VACATION FOR TWO in the most beautiful place on Earth, the Maldives Islands. What are you waiting for? Grab your Kess Board and challenge your neighbor to a match!! Register TODAY!

The person with the most wins in each state by the end of June 30th midnight CST will be declared the winner in that particular state.

The date and time the video is uploaded to the public platform will be considered as the date and time of the win.