Exploding Kittens Party
With over 9 million copies sold, Exploding Kittens Party quickly broke the records of every board game and became the most popular game in the United States. This game was published by Russian Roulette and today has been translated into more than 10 different languages.
  • Year published: 20178
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Age: 14+
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Interactive - Lucky

One of the outstanding advantages of this game is that it is extremely compact - only includes cards and manuals. You can bring Exploding Kittens Party to any place you like to experience with your friends and relatives.

 The gameplay of Exploding Kittens Party is quite simple. You just don't need to win the Exploding Kitten card. In addition, the player needs to find a way to take advantage of the other cards in his hand. In addition to using tactics, Exploding Kittens Party also has a little luck factor. One of the attractions of Exploding Kittens Party is that it has a very nice design. Many people are fascinated by the playful drawings on these cards.

Conclusion: Exploding Kittens Party is a board game for everyone because the rules are easy to understand. In addition to being attractive due to the tactical element, Exploding Kittens Party also brings humor and fun. This game is worth a try.

Review of Exploding Kittens - Hilarious Russian Roulette Style Card Game



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